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The Survival Podcast Interviews Mike: Intro to Gasification -
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Prepper Recon interviews Mike: When the grid goes dark -
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Prepper Recon interviews Mike: Cyber Attack on the Power Grid -
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Sean Mitzel of The Courageous Life Podcast in northern Idaho interviews Mike about how the need for small scale energy production became personal, and what he did to solve the problem.

The Courageous Life Podcast Interviews Mike: How energy became personal -
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Nick and Don from compare notes with Mike on gasification projects.

Nick and Don Interview Mike: Woodgas Projects -
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Brandon Lipani interviews Mike about backup power for ham radio and what it was like using an AN/PRC-104 military HF rig in a USMC amphibeous reconnaisance unit.  NOTE: The first few minutes are dead, Brandon had audio problems; skip to 4:07 minutes in.


Generator running on pure wood gas!

Big Dragon gasifier how-to

Little Dragon Instruction video.

--Frequently asked questions--

How does it work?  See diagram below for each step.


  1. Fresh air enters and provides oxygen for the fire burning at the lowest fuel.

  2. Fuel is VERY DRY wood chips, woodstove pellets, pinecones, etc.

  3. Fire cooks the upper fuel, releasing woodgas.

  4. Woodgas passes through the tube.

  5. Woodgas sheds heat into the water, removing tar and creosol.

  6. Tar, creosol, and water drain into the tar trap.

  7. Scrubbed woodgas passes through the particle filter.

  8. Clean woodgas is fed to the generator.

  9. 12 volts is fed to the battery bank.

  10. Battery bank charges.

  11. 12 volts is fed to the 120 volt AC inverter.

  12. The inverter powers your equipment; lighting, refrigeration, cooling, security, dialysis machine, radio/TV, etc. 

What octane gas does it make?

This question comes from thinking that gasifiers make liquid gas.  It does not.  It makes hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, and a few others.  Octane  is not measured for woodgas. 


Friends of Tactical Woodgas

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