Emergency Responder 1200W Battery Bank with Solar/AC/Car Charging

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The ruggedized and weather resistant case protects the included 1200W battery bank. The lid has a silicone gasket to keep out water, and pressure relief valve to support flight operations.

Recharge with the included battery charger by plugging it into a wall outlet, or by connecting your solar panels to the charging input, or plug the included cigarette lighter power plug into your car, or charge with your jumper cables from your running car.

Add your deep cycle RV/Marine battery (purchasing and installation instructions included) and you are ready for the next power outage, remote rescue, crime scene investigation, stakeout, or to drop off at care facilities and keep critical devices running until power is restored. Battery not included, but is simple to add by following the instructions.

Charging times (assuming a 100 amp-hour battery that is run until the inverter trips the low battery alarm):

  • Jumper cable from an ambulance - 30 minutes (assumes a 150 amp alternator)
  • Jumper cable from your running car - 1 hour (assumes a 70 amp alternator)
  • Tactical Woodgas 12V DC Generator - 45 minutes
  • 100W solar panel in direct full sunlight - 7 hours
  • AC charger from a generator or grid power - 17 hours

Here are the features of the battery bank options:

See these videos for more info:

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