Battery Bank with 800W AC Inverter & Wall Charger

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Get started with backup power or expand your system to include this portable unit. When the power grid goes down, plug your refrigerator, lights, radio, etc into this battery bank and survive in style. Keep your insulin cold, cool down the house with a fan in the window, run the TV and video games to keep thee kids occupied, or anything else that needs up to 800 watts (1600 watts peak).

Simply add a deep cycle battery (Walmart 29DC or equivalent) and plug the system into a wall outlet. The unit comes with a box for the battery, a trickle charger that keeps the battery fully charged, and an inverter that has two 110V AC outlets and a USB charger for your phone and tablet.

Instructions are printed on the side of the box so you can't lose them, and include battery purchase & installation, charging from AC outlets, and charging from your car.

Here are the features of the battery bank options:

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