12 Volt DC Generator for Woodgas, Propane, and Natural Gas

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This generator supplies a kilowatt of power from the 6.5HP engine and can run on woodgas, propane, and natural gas. The alternator puts out up to 70 amps at a regulated 13.8V DC and is ideal for charging your 12V battery bank. Email us at sales@tacticalwwodgas.com if you have a 24V or 48V battery bank; we have a source for those alternators.

The engine has a pull starter, but for your convenience we added a 1/2" bolt head to the engine shaft. Simply insert a 1/2" nut driver into your electric or cordless drill and spin the nut counterclockwise for hassle-free starting.

The engine ships without engine oil. Add standard 30W oil found at your local auto parts store. For extended engine life, use synthetic 30W or 5W-30 oil and change it every 10 hours of operation. Use the attached dipstick to check oil level before each run.

Experimenter? You can disconnect the alternator and run other loads from the engine pulley and belt. Add a water pump for crop irrigation or other loads.

For Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the United States please email sales@tacticalwoodgas.com with your address and the items you are considering and we will see if we can get freight rates that beat UPS.

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