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Woodgas Generator

What we do:

We design and  fabricate solutions for your emergency and off-grid power needs.  From our family of battery bank products, to 12VDC generators that run on woodgas, natural gas, propane, or gasoline, to micro-hydro power, to wood gasifiers, we cover a wide range of power solutions.

Our founder and chief engineer has a wide range of power related expertise:

  • DC-DC converters on the International Space Station that turn 120VDC from the solar array into useful voltages for spacecraft instrumentation.

  • Power subsystem on the 1995 Williams Grand Prix racecar, regulating the noisy alternator output and powering the active suspension.

  • Guest lecturer at the University of Alaska (Fairbanks) 2017 Wood Gasification workshop (our gasifier works in sub-freezing temperatures!).

  • Guest lecturer at the Arizona State University (Tempe) 2018 solar power reliability lab Wood Gasification grid integration (our gasifier works at 100 degrees!).

  • Power management integrated circuit design validation lead for Qualcomm's phone/tablet power subsystem.

  • Designed our family of battery banks, micro-hydro, and gasifier products; and is an avid off-grid problem solver.

  • Ham radio operator with Extra Class license & decades of experience, and USMC Recon veteran who operated across Southeast Asia.

Check out our Podcast, Video, and FAQ page.

Listen to Podcasters interview Mike on gasification, preparedness, ham radio, and other topics!  Plus videos!

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