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TacticalWoodGas, Inc was founded by a US Veteran with a passion for self-sufficiency products focused on energy.  Here are some of Mike's power electronics credentials:


  • DC-DC converters on the International Space Station that turn 120VDC from the solar array into useful voltages for spacecraft instrumentation.

  • Power subsystem on the 1995 Williams Grand Prix racecar, regulating the noisy alternator output and powering the active suspension.

  • Guest lecturer at the University of Alaska (Fairbanks) 2017 Wood Gasification workshop (our gasifier works in sub-freezing temperatures!).

  • Guest lecturer at the Arizona State University (Tempe) 2018 solar power reliability lab Wood Gasification grid integration (our gasifier works at 100 degrees!).

  • Power management integrated circuit design validation lead for Qualcomm's phone/tablet power subsystem.

  • Designed our family of battery banks, micro-hydro, and gasifier products; and is an avid off-grid problem solver.

  • Ham radio operator with Extra Class license & decades of experience, and USMC Recon veteran who operated across Southeast Asia.

Semper Fi,


Mike Leister, Founder

USMC Honorably Discharged Veteran

Tactical WoodGas, Inc.

Tacoma, WA

T  800-516-4249

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  • "Thanks Mike for getting the battery bank to me after hurricane Maria.  We don't live in the city so who knows when we will get power.  Running a fan and having lights at night is a blessing.  Also, everyone is getting their generators stolen at night but the battery bank doesn't make noise so we are safe." -Salina

    • Note - some parts of Puerto Rico went a year without power.

  • "The kids really like the battery bank.  Our apartment has frequent power outages which used to freak them out.  Now they look forward to them because it means their friends are coming over to watch a DVD.  We even take it camping to run my husband's CPAP." - Angela

  • "Hi Mike, thanks for the phone support getting the gasifier set up and running.  We don't have access to internet out here so couldn't get to your videos.  Everything is working now and I can charge the battery bank when solar is weak.  It also worked on dried cherry pits." -Dave

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